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Medizs Inc. - Autorefractor - Refraction Systems - Manufactured in Korea

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Welcome To Medizs, Your Website For Medical Practice Equipment For Ophthalmologists, Optometrists And Opticians. We Offer Equipment With The Latest Medical Technologies And We Commit Ourselves For Providing The Finest Medical Equipment In The Market. Our Business Is Reflected By Our Long-Lasting Relationship With Our Clients. Because Every Great Thing Happen When We Work With The Best. Medizs Inc. Manufacture Equipments And Technology With Highly Sophisticated Assembly Lines Operated With Very Talented People.  ​​

Manufacturing Process



Manufacturing’s greatest benefits are from eliminating waste from the many processes manufacturers rely on to anticipate, respond to, fulfill, and serve customers, making it more possible for them to have a wonderful equipment. In order to build a product with this level of fit and finish and manufacturing sophistication, Medizs Inc. had to develop production processes that brings this ambitious task. Passion for innovation and experienced engineers produced a highly sophisticated technological equipment that just revolutionized the way of how you will refract.

                        Original Image from Medizs Inc. manufacure lines. 2014


Research and Development



Research and Development

Medizs Inc. continues to invest heavily in research and development, with a year-over-year increment we overreach expectations. Very talented engineers and designer are never satisfied, with this in mind we gain our products and softwares interface providing updates and tuning the performance.  

Original Image from Medizs Inc. manufacure lines. 2014


Driving force





Driving force behind the look and feel.

From designing and developing. Several teams are responsible for delivering the software at the heart of Medizs  innovative products, including the user interface, applications and frameworks.

Original Image from Medizs Inc. manufacure lines. 2014



Certificates and Patents





International Certificates and Patents

MIFI of Apple Inc., GMP, CE, FDA and ISO 13485 / 2003 Certificates

- Patent No. 1390287

- Patent No.1390286

- No.10-127450

- No.KR10–1111393

- No.KR10-1134108

- No.KR10-1273450

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We Are Turning Idea Into Gorgeous Iterface

Discover the new way to refract a patient, this unique Korean technology brings the new generation of examining rooms.


Amazing features

Digital Phoropter by Medizs, this new technology is the only one in the world. Yes We are the first!. Imagine to controll your refraction using your own iPad, using this system you can refract wirelessly and storage the patient information for future consults. Digital Refraction Technology manufactured by Medizs.

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